Sandy Kim

Head Coach


Unlike most CrossFitters, I didn’t grow up playing sports and was never an athlete. I grew up eating twinkies and was a champion couch potato. I found CrossFit in 2009 after a few years of running, no weight training and lots of injuries from long distance running. CrossFit pushes me beyond what I think my limitations are and has had a huge impact on my life. Coaching gives me the opportunity to pay it forward in hopes of making an impact on someone else.

Favorite movement or WOD?

Cleans! I could clean all day long and am always exicted when I PR.

When you’re not CrossFit-ting, you’re:

Wishing I was on a beach, but really I am working, fostering for Lost Dog & Cats or lunching with my ladies.

Advice for someone starting or wanting to start CrossFit

Don't be scared, we all started at the same place! The amount of courage I had to build up to walk through those doors the first time I crossfitted was accompanied by a friend who I dragged with me begrudgingly.

  • Certifications, Experience, Honors
  • CrossFit Level 1 Trainer
  • CrossFit Coaches Prep Course