Week 3 Trident CFE Homework

Day 1-
3x 10 exaggerated foot pulls (each leg).
3 x 20 m stable arm drill (arms behind back)
3x 20 m fast carioca

Run 2 miles at 80% pace
1x 10 exaggerated foot pulls (each leg)
1x 20 m stable arm drill
1x 20 m fast carioca
Run 2 miles at 90% pace

Day 2-
Perform 3 drills of your choice

Fartlek run for 20-25 minutes. (Mailbox version or light pole version.) Run fast distance btw 2 or 3 mailboxes/light poles/drive ways then easy recover jog 1-2 mailboxes/light poles/drive ways. Feel your pace and how your body responds to the surges in speed.